What do you need from an online trading system?

In this day and age keeping up with Financial Markets is easy. Let us show you how our real time trading platform can work for you.


Technical traders use charts and drawing tools to identify patterns that can suggest future activity. Experience our full range of technical trading features.


Analytics is the discovery of meaningful patterns in data by visualization to communicate insight. Company annual reports are full of detailed data. We can chart out a company’s financial statement.


Analyst and investors look to fundamentals to develop an estimate as to whether the underlying asset is considered a worthwhile investment. This is a must have for wise investors.


A system for trading that allows buy-side and sell-side firms to have easier access to liquidity. This is every trader's and investor’s tool to controlling your portfolio.


The reconciliation process is a key element of the investment lifecycle. This is where you control your risks.

An Advanced Online Trading System

When customisable trading systems were first introduced into the arsenal of trading tools, the trader interested in utilising these tools would have needed programming expertise, a strong background in mathematical technical analysis, and iron-willed discipline. Our, trading system software is so user-friendly, that nonprogrammers with only a rudimentary understanding of mathematical technical analysis can successfully create and backtest simple trading systems like those offered in the platform.

Other key features of TCProGlobal include:

Integrated with Technical Charting & World Class Fundamentals.

Route order simultaneously to various exchanges: BM, BMD, CME, SGX, IDX, SET, PSE, ASX, HKeX and more.

Trade any Domestic and Overseas financial assets from a single platform.

Your Financial Strategy Management, in good hands.

Helping you creating custom strategies, backtest and automate real-time monitoring more effectively. Use it today!

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