Pair trading is a market neutral strategy that performs well under any market circumstance of uptrend, downtrend and congestion. Our solution allows the user to selected multi-market and multi-asset instrument options to form their basket. At the blink of an eye the analysis is completed and optimised.

Mechanical Trading

Cointegration in pairs trading is a valuable tool. Cointegration is the foundation for an excellent market-neutral mechanical trading strategy that allows profit in any economic environment. Whether a market is in an uptrend, downtrend or simply moving sideways, pairs trading allow the harvest of gains year-round.

The Engine

When trading is executed in an intra-daily frequency instead a daily frequency, mechanical trading systems needs to be supported by very powerful engines since the amount of data to deal with grow while the response time required to support trades gets shorter. The use of genetic algorithms as the engine driving mechanical trading systems, combining the use of GA together with a GPU-CPU architecture speeds up enormously the power and search capacity of the GA for this kind of financial applications. Moreover, the parallelization allows us to implement and test previous GA approximations.

Other key features of TCPair include:

Integrated with Technical Charting & World Class Fundamentals.

Route order simultaneously to various exchanges: BM, BMD, CME, SGX, IDX, SET, PSE, ASX, HKeX and more.

Trade any Domestic and Overseas financial assets from a single platform.

Your Financial Strategy Management, in good hands.

Helping you creating custom strategies, backtest and automate real-time monitoring more effectively. Use it today!

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