Market Maker fully supports the life cycle of ETF products, from issuance to market making and able to quote on multiple depths N2N Market Maker system includes specially built and customized API and STP modules as well as the firm’s risk requirements deployed real time and seamlessly.

Server based

Auto quoting and auto hedging this filly configurable front end enables you to make markets with unprecedented control. You can customise price quoting, volatility management and risk management.

Low latency

Customisable Market Maker can customise API and STP user requirements. Flexibility coupled with rapid time-to-market system logics will bring you to a new level in an ever changing and demanding market.

Execution handling

Knowledgeable market makers handle extraordinary trade executions on a daily basis. Our reliable system automates this handling with your predefined instructions.

Other key features of TCMarket Maker include::

Integrated with Technical Charting & World Class Fundamentals.

Route order simultaneously to various exchanges: BM, BMD, CME, SGX, IDX, SET, PSE, ASX, HKeX and more.

Trade any Domestic and Overseas financial assets from a single platform.

Your Financial Strategy Management, in good hands.

Helping you creating custom strategies, backtest and automate real-time monitoring more effectively. Use it today!

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