Financial Market


N2N Connect’s solutions for financial markets provides banks, broker-dealers, futures commission merchants and other financial institutions with low latency, transparency and control of their trading and processing. Be it simple or complex issues ranging from connectivity, trade execution and securities financing management. To accounting, data management and tax reporting, our solutions provide cross-asset support for the entire trade lifecycle. We provide our clients with solutions to increase efficiency, make more informed decisions, improve their use of capital and manage risk more effectively.

Energy & Commodities Markets


N2N Connect’s energy and commodities markets solutions help energy companies, corporate hedgers, hedge funds and financial services firms to compete efficiently in global energy and commodities markets. N2N Connect’s solutions streamline and integrate the trading, risk management and operations of trading commodities. With real-time data, connectivity and analysis, N2N Connect’s energy and commodities market solutions help customers achieve transparency and regulatory compliance, address end-to-end transaction and operational lifecycles.